All Mother's Day Out classes are offered from 9:00 am to 2:45 pm.  In each of these classes, students bring their own lunch and have a nap/rest time following lunch.
All students must be the age of the class in which they enroll by September 1.



(12 to 24 months)
Bunnies class is offered for children ages 12-18 months on Mondays and Wednesdays and 18-24 months on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The maximum class size is 10 students with 2 teachers in each class.  The children spend a majority of their time in the classroom, with some gross motor activities each day in either the Christian Activity Center big room or on the playground.  Both Bunnies classes have a goal of helping the child to feel safe away from their primary care giver.  Bunnies participate in age appropriate activities, such as short story time, very simple art and manipulative play, which help fine muscle control.

Busy Bears

(2 Years Old)
Busy Bears classes are offered Monday through Thursday.  The maximum class size is 14 students with 2 teachers.  The children spend a majority of their time in the classroom, with time for gross motor development activities in either the Christian Activity Center big room or on the playground.  In Busy Bears, socialization of the child is a primary goal.  We see separation from parents and care givers as a challenge at the beginning of this year, which is typical for children of this age.  Children work with different mediums on art projects, they listen to stories during circle time and begin the process of learning to share.  If potty training has started with your child during this year, the teachers are willing to work with your child in this area.

Gummy Bears

(3 Years Old)
Gummy Bears class is a continuation of our Mother's Day Out program with a Preschool curriculum.  This class meets Monday through Thursday.  In Gummy Bears, the maximum class size is 15 with 2 teachers.  The children are exposed to many varied activities during their day.  The students have two circle times during school each day.  These include calendar time, show and share, stories, introduction to colors, shapes, letters and numbers by sight recognition.  The children begin to move from side-by-side (parallel) play to a more interactive play during the course of this year.  The teachers help facilitate sharing, taking turns and treating others like you'd like to be treated. This is a very big social growth year.  Class activities include art, free play, stories, snacks, lunch and rest time (that includes a short video.)  Although being potty trained is not required, we encourage the child to become restroom proficient during this year.  The teachers will work with your child on potty training, reinforcing your progress at home in this area.  The students remain with the same teachers throughout the day.