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My Children love it, I trust all of the people here. It’s (preschool) a break for mommy. In a way, it’s a break for your child, too. They get to come here and have fun, and learn about God and learn about interacting with other kids. They learn ABC’s and counting just by being here. They don’t realize that they’re learning, they’re just having fun and that’s important to me.
— Lauren Vance, Preschool Parent
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My daughter is so excited to go to school each day. Her class teachers are so loving, caring and very attentive. My daughter always has a smile on her face when I pick her up from school. She talks to me all day about her teachers and friends. I would highly recommend this program.
— Suvetha, Preachool Parent
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My family loves being part of this preschool. We love watching our daughter learn and have consistency in her days while she is here. We love hearing the songs she learns and comes home and sings, and she’s helping our family learn to pray. We love the family atmosphere that everyone knows her name when we get her and knows our name and our family.
— Spring Hodges, Preschool Parent