Mothers Day Out & Preschool

Mother’s Day Out

Mother’s Day Out classes are for children 3 months through 3 years. These children DO NOT need to be potty trained to be in Mother’s Day Out classes. All rates listed for Mother’s Day Out are for each day enrolled, if a child is enrolled for two days per week, the total cost per month would be the rate listed x2.

Classes are offered Monday through Thursday (by availability), and one, two, three or four days per week can be enrolled. Drop off begins at 9 am and pick up ends at 2:45 pm each day.

The Infant Class is offered for children beginning at 3 months of age. Our day is busy feeding, changing, rocking and loving babies.

We have a room full of engaging books and toys to encourage growth and development. The class has a flexible daily schedule which allows teachers to meet the needs of each child.

Infant Class


Our one year old class welcomes children who are 12 months old by September 1st. Predictable routines and loving care help them feel secure in their classroom and school environment.

1 year old

The two year old MDO classes care for children who turn 2 by September 1st. The focus of our 2 year old classes is to encourage social skills and provide a fun and engaging early school experience. Loving caregivers assist children in learning to separate from their parents and feel safe at school.

2 year old

Our 3 year old MDO classes are available to children who have turned three by September 1st. Children may attend between one and four days each week (family preference).

3 year old


Children must be the class age by September 1st and must be potty trained. Preschool classes are Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 2:45 pm. Preschool teachers have an education degree.

Transitional Pre-K


Our Transitional Pre-K class is for children who turn three and a half years old by September 1st. Transitional Pre-K acts as a bridge between Preschool and Pre-K and is designed to provide learners with the pivotal skills and experiences needed for success in Pre-K. This class meets Monday through Thursday.


Our Pre-K class is offered for children who are 4 years old by September 1st and fully toilet trained. Pre-K classes are held Monday through Thursday.