The Preschool/MDO program is designed to prepare children for continuing in the school system with positive Christian learning experiences.  The preschool offers high quality curriculum and instruction within a Christian environment.  This program provides multi-sensory experiences which aid in the development of acceptable behavior patterns in young children and establish meaningful relationships with other children.  This Church Program provides an atmosphere of Christian caring for the child in his or her social, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  The child's total growth and development is the paramount purpose of the leadership.  This program is an extension of the First United Methodist Church of Edmond, which cares for the community.

Our program is a nine month program that runs in conjunction with the Edmond Public School calendar.  We offer Mother's Day Out for children 12 months up through 3 years.  We offer Preschool classes and
Extended Day for children 3 and 4 years.