3 year old

Mother’s Day Out

Our 3 year old MDO classes are available to children who have turned three by September 1st. Children may attend between one and four days each week (family preference).

Our three year old classes promote children’s growth and development in a more structured learning environment. Daily schedules include center time, outdoor play, lunch, naptime, calendar time, show and share, bible story and circle time.

Each week will bring a new theme relating to children’s interests (dinosaurs or fairy tales) or related to the world around them (pumpkins in fall, insects in springtime). Teachers plan their center activities around these themes to make learning engaging and fun. Centers include dramatic play, art, music and movement, math, manipulatives, blocks and literacy.  Each week during circle time we introduce letters, numbers, colors, and shapes and integrate them throughout the learning environment.

Students attend weekly chapel which consists of songs and a short bible story led by church staff in the sanctuary.

Children grow in their peer interactions and develop more interactive play skills over the course of the year. Teachers work with students daily to help them learn to verbalize their feelings and work their problems out before asking for help. Children continue to develop their self-help skills by being responsible for their belongings, and performing classroom jobs such as line leader.