Transitional Pre-K - Older 3 year olds and 4 year olds

Our Transitional Pre-K class is for children who turn three and a half or four years old by September 1st. Transitional Pre-K acts as a bridge between Preschool and Pre-K and is designed to provide learners with the pivotal skills and experiences needed for success in Pre-K. This class meets Monday through Thursday.

Our Transitional Pre-K teachers use themes to plan their daily activities. Themes span 1-2 weeks. Examples of themes this class enjoys are space, human body, and friendship. They also explore popular children’s authors such as Eric Carle and David Shannon during extended author studies spanning a few weeks at a time.

There are eight learning centers set up at all times including dramatic play, blocks, library, science, math, manipulatives, music/movement and art. Children choose their activities and pace themselves through this learning time which develops their decision making and self-control. The center activities are designed to work on specific skills such as writing, number concepts, patterning, fine motor control and many other important skills.

While they play and learn students work on sharing, taking turns, using good manners and being a good friend.

Students attend weekly chapel which consists of songs and a short bible story led by church staff in the sanctuary.

The teacher in this classroom has a degree in Education. Transitional Pre-K students must be fully toilet trained.

Transitional Pre-K class has a maximum of 15 students with 2 teachers.

Meet the Teachers:

Mrs. Schiff

Mrs. Schiff